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Start your self-led Teacher Training now and join the Starchild Yoga Education for Peace.


Starchild Yoga™ has been training teachers since 2010 and continues to maintain a high standard in all aspects of services offered.

With more than 380 certified teachers making the world a softer place for young people, we pride ourselves in our commitment to creating and maintaining this education for peace in this new self-led course.


Curious? Click the image below to watch Siri talk more about the Starchild Yoga™ courses.

The strength of this course lies in its educational path with inspiring topics:
Starchild Yoga™ ethos
The Role of the Teacher
Starchild Yoga™ and the Montessori concepts
Class planning and management
Age appropriate Yoga Postures for children
Meditation, Pranayama and Relaxation
Building your business

A step by step self-led journey to become a great Children’s Yoga teacher.


Starchild Yoga™ is inspired by yoga and education. This course is recognised by Wellbeing Insurance UK who acknowledges all of our certified teachers.

The vision for Starchild Yoga™ is to bring peace, inclusion and acceptance to each child who attends a class, and each adult who offers one. Adding to that, we are building a community to offer mental health support to all ages, growing from local to global.

This course is ideal for parents, teachers, yogis or anyone who works with children and teenagers.

This self-led course was created to empower and enable adults to teach yoga to children from ages 2– 18 and includes information on how to manage a class and meet individual children in a way that is aligned with a yoga philosophy and the ethos of Starchild yoga.

Children Meditating

Materials cover teaching through the ages 3 - 18.

With the personal touch of Siri walking alongside you, you will find the following included in the training resource:

Whole and Mini manuals 


Pathway to certification

Shine Community access

Additional recorded resources

Option 1

Starchild Yoga™ Teacher Training Resource pack.
Option 2
Starchild Yoga™ Teacher Training Resource pack with pathway to certification.


This includes coursework submission and you will receive a certificate on completion.
Choose this training and you will gain access to a valuable collection of videos, manuals, music and more. Step by step we lead you o
n a journey to become a great children’s yoga teacher.

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