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Therapist Educator Facilitator Visionary  


Grounded and curious, I observe the world quietly and act boldly.
My regard for young people, education and nature connection has taken me on a rich journey of experience and life long learning.


My career merges education; mental wellness; yoga and therapy, with a touch of ritual and a dash of magic to keep things sacred, alive and creative.

When I’m not writing, mentoring or facilitating circles, I can be found combing the beaches, walking nature trails or sitting with trees, as nature is both my medicine and my teacher.


My yoga journey started at 20 after a near fatal car accident. The return to myself took place in a dusty room, with fierce-loving elders wearing leotards and footless tights, carrying sticks to correct and align posture. I became mesmerised by these warrior women who embodied such grace and conviction in yoga.

Since then, I have studied extensively, explored a variety of yoga approaches, and enjoy a lifelong love affair with all things mystical and profound. In more recent years, I was certified as a Yoga Therapist for mental heath and became adept at simplifying complex yogic concepts to make them accessible for young minds.


My yoga practice these days is slower to align to my changing time signature, and deep love for nature connection. I move with the changing seasons and find stillness sitting in contemplation among the trees, mountains and seas.


Starting with babysitting and working in Nursery Schools as a teenager, I developed a strong observational perspective while spending time with children. I learned by watching them navigate their world and only offered gentle guidance when needed. Feeling disenchanted by mainstream education, I trained in the Montessori method, special educational needs and Steiner pedagogy. 


I learned that education is primarily about my own self development, and then meeting the child, and this has remained at the forefront of my work. First self, then other, and finally the natural world, all connected, all relational.

Starchild Yoga™ – an education for peace - was born from merging my love of children, my interest in progressive education and my passion for wellness. This heart-led training has certified 380 teachers in eight countries and with the launch of the self-led course, I look forward to certifying many more.


Young & Wise - an education for regulation via sharing circles that foster connection, teach life skills, and promote wellness for youth - was born out of the need for more. As a compliment to Starchild Yoga™ this facilitator training moves into a broader spectrum of wellness, including nature connectedness, mindfulness, movement and more.

85hr Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator with Atira Tan (2023)
3 day Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner Program with Atira tan (2022)
2 day Discovering The Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Maté (2021)
2 day Trauma Healing workshop with Peter Levine (2021)
2 day Wisdom of Trauma workshop with Gabor Maté (2021)
4 month Cacao Mama Ceremony training (2020)
580hr Yoga Therapy Training with Minded Institute (London 2020-2023)
10hr Special Yoga for Vulnerable Young People  (London 2020)
Published SHINE with Starchild Yoga, a yoga book for children (2015)
5 day Teen Yoga course with Charlotta Martinus (UK 2015)
200hr Elemental Yoga Therapy with Swara Yoga (Bali 2013)
50hr Mother’s Journey Kundalini Yoga for pregnancy (UK 2008)
300hr Kundalini Yoga level 2 with I-SKY & Karam Kriya (2007 -2011)
200hr Kundalini Yoga with I-SKY (2006)
50hr Yoga for the Special Child™ – Advanced with Sonia Sumar (UK 2006)
50hr Yoga for the Special Child™ Basic  with Sonia Sumar (UK 2005)
50hr Sun Yoga Kids with Jaqueline Koay (2004 UK)
50hr Kundalini yoga for children (Germany 1997)

2 yr Montessori diploma – London Montessori Centre (1994)

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