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  • Is there any support available on the self led course?
    Yes, there most certainly is. When you purchase either course, there is an option to join the community. Once you join, the link to access it will be clearly visible when you log in. The community is a place for discussion, questions and chats. There is also an option to join a quarterly online live workshop with Siri Arti, link can be found in the course content options. At an extra cost, mentor sessions with Siri are also optional, bookable in Intro & Welcome section.
  • Can I complete the tasks on my own, or do I need to do an internship with another yoga teacher or something similar?
    You can complete the tasks yourself, with the support of the collection of videos, the manuals and the sample classes. If you do not have yoga in your life, the recommendation is to attend a local class, an online class or find friends to practice with.
  • Can I move on to the next module even if the tasks haven't been completed?
    Assessment of the coursework is only done on completion. If you need more time, write something like still busy in the space provided. This will enable you to move to the next section. This is only available until you submit the final answer. After completion, you can access the material, but not your answers.
  • How do I upload files when requested?
    There is an option to do so in the answer section.
  • Is there a timeframe for completing each chapter or the entire course? If so, what is it?
    This is self-led. It’s your time, and your choice of time line. As a guideline, a suggestion of three months as maximal, and one month as minimal. The in person course allowed time between modules for coursework. Take the time you need to attend to the course in the way that works for you.
  • Is the certification free?
    Yes, it is included in the cost of the Certification Course.
  • Is the certification recognised?
    Yes, this certified course is recognised by Wellbeing Insurance, and your application for insurance to teach in the UK will be smooth and effortless with this certificate.
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