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The Story of Starchild Yoga™ 

Starchild Yoga™ is an education for peace.

It started in 2010 to actualise my desire to reach more children than I was teaching weekly in my community. Observing the positive impact the sessions were having on the children and families attending, I wanted to branch out and train others to share the modality...


After practicing yoga for 20 years and working as a kindergarten teacher for 15, I merged my career in education with my passion for yoga and Starchild Yoga™ was born. What I discovered as I wove the two together is that the Montessori methodology of education compliments the mystical and philosophical world of yoga perfectly.



I committed to developing a training that would certify and empower others to teach using this approach, and having fine tuned it over time, Starchild Yoga™ Teacher Training offers a unique and holistic approach to do this.

Near to 400 teachers are using this combination of skills to meet the child, offering them a safe space to gather, explore, learn and reach for the sky.

The tools, coming from a mixed modality of yoga and education, provide a nurturing space for children to learn about breath, body & mind through explorative movement and mindfulness. This holistic education reaches the whole child and empowers with life skills that accompany them through childhood, and into adolescence.

The overlying theme of a children’s yoga class is to be curious and have fun.The underlying theme is to empower the child.

The training has been delivered in eight counties of differing cultures and continues to certify and support teachers throughout the world. With the newly adapted self-led format, I am still at the forefront of educating adults in this unique way, supporting both children and adults to live a well life.



Starchild Yoga™ created the building blocks for Young & Wise. After teaching this course for 13 years, a new paradigm of teaching is growing from this place.  

In 2024, Young & Wise will launch with an person training. It is a comprehensive wellbeing program for youth, one that is inspired by nature, embodiment, yoga, creativity, community and more.

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