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Welcome to Young & Wise™ facilitator training, a 90hr certification training to facilitate sharing circles that foster connection, teach life skills, and promote wellness.

Young & Wise facilitator training 2024

Dates & Times & Venue to be confirmed



A non-refundable £400 booking deposit will be taken on registration to secure your your place.

This will be followed by your choice of the payment options for the remainder:


£1200 x 1 payment

£600 x 2 payments

£400 x 3 payments

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Young Couples

The focus is on connecting and listening. 

To explore the art of listening to our body; to each other and to the natural world, we remember our place of belonging, we find wholeness, and heal.


With ‘adolescence’, we refer to the period marking the transition between childhood and adulthood. This is generally between 12 - 18 years of age, but more recent research has expanded the definition to include early adulthood, taking the time frame to 24. A stage in development that covers a large and important group of developmental changes including social, educational and physiological changes. 


It is during this period of a young persons life that things go from simple to complex, and the fallout is taking too many adolescents to the edge. Young & Wise is working towards a world where belonging is experienced through practices that recover connection to self, others and the natural world.


These practices are anchored in the elemental world, where nature meets the body - a four fold path to MOVE - THINK - FEEL - CONNECT reclaiming wellness for young  people.


In person - In circle - With nature

This is for you if you...

Need support in your work with young people


Feel the need for new skills for your work with young people


Are tired of watching young people struggle and not having what you need to support them

Feel out of your depth as you try to support young people with individual work

Have been curious about sharing circles but don’t know where to start

Feel burnt out as a teacher


Work in mental health and feel the need for community and connection?

Are looking for simple ways to introduce nature into your work

Want to add embodiment practices to your existing therapeutic/healing/work

Are tired of going it alone in the care-profession

Are interested in finding wholeness?


Want to know how to regulate your nervous system and those you work with?


A step by step training to reclaiming wellness for young  people

What does this training cover?

A look through our holistic lens + concepts

The nature bag - nature connectedness 

Methodology of inclusion; inspiration; collaboration and connection 

Teachings about the nervous system and regulation techniques

Circle facilitation 

How to be a good guardian

Contain; container and containment 

Principles and agreements

Trauma informed guidance 

Movement; meditation, breath practices 

80+ mind body practices

Elemental rituals 

Journeys and imagination

Recommended resource and signposting 


Become certified to facilitate circles for young people

As a Young & Wise certified facilitator,
you will be able to...


hold circles, groups or 1-to-1 sessions

facilitate 80+ wellbeing practices, plus being taught how to create more

add a trauma informed approach to your work

add a valuable wellness and resilience framework to existing work

walk away with a curriculum for an 8-week group course that you can take directly into many contexts

join a vibrant community of similar minded adults

feel comfortable integrating nature & ritual into your practice

Who is this training for?

yoga teachers

school teachers

parents & carers

counsellors & therapists 

healthcare workers

mindful practitioners

people already working with children and adolescents 

people looking for a career change

people wanting connection and purpose

people looking to refresh yoga and mindfulness skills

people who want to add embodiment practices to other skills

What needs does this training meet?

Creates a place where young people can be together, and feel safe to express themselves in a healthy way- spaces where they can be seen and heard and not judged, expressing emotions in a safe container.

Young people to come together, express, emote and learn regulation skills.

All practices are invitational, inviting choice and agency.

A place to learn techniques for regulation (this conversation isn’t happening in schools or mainstream education).

Presents a toolkit for resilience.

Meets the need for nature connectedness - especially for those who may not be able to access nature or green spaces.


Facilitate circles invite connection; awareness and relationship with the natural world

What needs does it meet for practitioners?

Supports a process of becoming a good guardian/elder/mentor.

Adults who go through this program can learn to embody the holistic approach and experience the transformative nature of the practices.

Learn to know yourself as a guardian, with an awareness of how to regulate yourself and hold a container well .

Understand and contain all the skills above before supporting groups.

Ample opportunity to test all skills in group.

Going through transformative process in a group will prepare you to lead transformative processes for youth.

Learn how to hold space in an embodied way.

Expand your own awareness through the development of self and the collective.

Friends at the Beach

A blend of practicality with a touch of magic.

What does this program offer that others don’t?


A unique combination of evidence-based mind body practices; nature-connectedness; holistic education and imaginal work.

A powerful capacity to transform, using a combination of mindfulness, somatic practices and nature to bring us into right relation with self, others and the natural world.

A blend of practicality with a touch of magic.

Immersive and experiential (not just didactic and theory based).


In-person-connection to experience the powerful visceral/tangible response to being in community with these elemental practices.

Happy River Retreat! Being held within this incredible space, surrounded by a forest of tree elders, adds to the nature connectedness and live container.

Siri has held more than a thousand circles, in different contexts, across age groups, in various countries, with differently abled participants, and within different cultures. She brings expertise, vast experience and embodied wisdom.

Siri Arti Profile Oak and Feather.jpg

Meet your teacher

Siri Arti is a mind-body therapist, educator, mother, yoga trainer, visionary and nature lover. With a special interest in child and adolescent wellness, she founded both Starchild Yoga™ (an education for peace) and Young & Wise (an education for regulation), these programs and their resource contribute to a movement for embodied wisdom.


With her thirty years of work with young people in education and wellness, Siri has dedicated the last few years to developing this school, to help others find a deep sense of belonging, something she believes everyone has the right to.


Her career merges education; mental wellness; yoga and therapy, with a touch of ritual and a dash of magic to keep things sacred and full of sparkle. 

Having outgrown their family nest, Siri and her two children went their separate ways, and still managed to co-create this program together. Creativity flows within the family with Siri holding the vision, Niall designing elemental soundscapes and Jannah turning ideas into visual art. 


When she is not working on this project, seeing clients or holding ceremony, Siri can be found combing the beaches, fields and the forests with Lyra, her sweet dog. 


Alongside the studying, she makes nature her most revered teacher of all.


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