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Starchild Yoga™ Teacher Training Resource Pack

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Welcome to this Starchild Yoga™ Teacher Training - a self guided course to be taken at your own pace. By showing up in this space, you join a movement towards an Education for Peace - a collective vision to make the world a softer landing place for young people. Enjoy the journey. By signing up, you gain access to 13 years of rich content that has stood the test of time and found itself into the hearts, communities & cultures of a wide variety of countries. An education modality that has reached hundreds of thousands of young people. You are invited to enjoy quality time with Siri in the personal touch of her videos, the knowledge threaded throughout the course content and the warmth of this soul-led community. I understand that making this commitment takes careful consideration, so feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to speak to someone who has taken the course already. We look forward to having you on board, Siri & Natalie “Within the child is the person he or she will become.” Maria Montessori

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Starchild Yoga™ Course Community

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